Here is a short guide to my pricing. The prices listed below are approximations, as each artwork is different.

Commercial Use‘ price contains a license that gives you full rights over the artwork, meaning you can modify it, resell it, make merch – perfect for companies or big labels.
When the artwork is displayed publicly, you are not required to credit me, but it’s always appreciated.

Non-Commercial Use‘ contains a public performance license, meaning you can display the artwork anywhere you want, but does not let you resell it or make merch. Perfect for independent artists, if you’re looking for a gift, or just for something to hang in your living room. When the artwork is displayed publicly, you are required to credit me.

I offer discounts for larger orders and can adapt to smaller budgets as well. Get in touch via the form below and let’s talk about it!

I accept Pay Pal and Direct Bank Transfer.

Simple Illustration
Icons, Vector Illustrations, T-Shirt Designs…
Commercial Use
Non-Commercial Use

Medium Illustration
Subject + a simple background
Commercial Use
Non-Commercial Use

Complex Illustration
Subject + complex background
Commercial Use
Non-Commercial Use
€300 – 500

Add animated details to any illustration
Flickering lights, smoke, steam, rain, snow…

Add complex frame by frame animation
Walk cycles, big movements and gestures

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