Graphic Design

Hi, my name is Nuša Štiglic and this is my graphic design portfolio.

Cosmic Flamingo T-Shirts (2019)
The illustrations can also be found in my portfolio. These are original designs for the Cosmic Flamingo Studios’ T-shirts. They feature characters in both light and darth mode.

Green Buds (2019)
I designed all the versions of the logo for this CBD medical marijuana company.

Tights (2019)
A campaign for a company that sells tights.

SpeakUp (2019)
I worked for SpeakUp as a member of ZavodYpsilon’s team. I designed the complete look of the project, including the logo and background elements.

Ženska na polno (2019)
I hand painted and designed this logo for a women’s group. It’s fully vectorized, though it looks like watercolor.

NuSlab Font Design (2018)
I designed this font for use in a personal project. You can see the specimen below.

Code Innovate Connect (2018)
I designed the logo, webpage and banners for this Zavod Ypsilon project.

Karlos Gives Back (2018)
I designed stickers, shirts and promotional material for this charity project. The goal was to collect money for retired greyhounds from Ireland and Spain.

Craftybara (2017)
I designed everything (logo, banners, webpage, cards) for this company that made sport apparel from recycled materials. (2016)
I designed the inital logo and banners for this online learning platform.