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My name is Nuša Štiglic. I’m a freelance illustrator, comic book artist and animator with 7+ years of experience. I live and work in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

After getting my degree in fine art (traditional painting) at the Ljubljana Academy of Visual Arts, I decided that I actually don’t like fine art and transitioned to illustration instead.

I’ve been developing the Ginkgo Whale artstyle since 2019. It’s a lineart based style, with a strong influence from Japanese pop media and the artwork of Jean Giraud (Moebius).

I work mainly in the music industry, creating album covers, animated backgrounds, music videos and animated comics.


I put together a small team of fellow freelancers that can tackle bigger and more complex projects. Together we can improve the quality of the artwork and decrease delivery time.

Simone D’Eliso

Simone is a comic book artist, illustrator and concept artist. He was trained at iMasterArt and International School of Comics.
He lives near Turin, in the northern Italy, with his super girlfriend. He got into art when he decided to change his life and started doing what he felt was the right thing for him.
He loves cats and dogs and thinks that dogs are fantastic coworkers. His goal is to write his own comics in the next two years.


Contact: simo9292@gmail.com

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