Ginkgo Whale

Lo-Fi Illustration and Animation

Ginkgo Whale Lofi Lego Graphic


I’ve worked on more than a hundred projects related to music industry. Check out my portfolio to get a better understanding of my art style.

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Prices start at 120$ for a simple illustration. Use the pricing page to figure out an estimate for your project.

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Custom artwork will help you establish your brand, get you more video views and make your album stand out from the crowd.

Ginkgo Whale Rooftop Scene

Mixes and tracks with my artwork have more than 10,000,000 views all together.

My clients include sucessful YouTube channels and creators, such as The Jazz Hop Cafe, SteezyAF, Dreamhop Music and many more.

About Me

I am a freelance illustrator, animator and designer, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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